ZODIAC - Scorpio (Hi-definition)
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ZODIAC By Jacqueline Mitton,and illustrated by Christina Balit.   Published in 2004 by Francis Lincoln Children’s Books



“Everyone knows their own star sign, but how many people can identify the Zodiac constellations in the night sky and the stars that form them?  Here is an astronomical guide to the Zodiac and to the celestial legends of the gods, mortal men and fantasy creatures in which the age-old tradition is rooted.”

ZODIAC - Taurus (Hi-resolution)
ZODIAC - Virgo (Hi-resolution)
ZODIAC - Aires (Hi-resolution)

'Striking jewel-toned illustrations....an appealing starting point for budding astronomers and astrologers'


School Library Journal



“Illuminated by Christina Balit's dazzling illustrations, this book will appeal to horoscope-devotees, star-gazers and everyone fascinated by the reality behind the myths, whatever their age.”


Total Astronomy



“This beautifully illustrated book offers a factual, astronomical guide to the zodiac which is very easy for children to comprehend.  Young star gazers will love this book and so will adults. The illustrations are magical.”