THE SCARAB'S SECRET - Spread 10 (Hi-resolution)

THE SCARAB’S SECRET By Nick Would – illustrated by Christina Balit.


Published 2006 by Francis Lincoln Children’s Books



“The Pharaoh’s painters have just finished decorating his new temple. By special request of the Pharaoh, I have been painted too. There, on the far wall, just below the man with the head of a jackal – that’s me, Kehpri, the scarab beetle.  And this is the tale of how I came to be honoured.”


“The challenge illustrating this title was that the story is told from the perspective of a tiny beetle.  It was also the first book I had painted that was set in Ancient Egypt and I had been longing to do something like that for quite a while.  

“Balit creates kaleidoscopically patterned illustrations through which move gracefully attenuated figures with strong noses

and heavily outlined eyes.”


Kirkus Review

THE SCARABS SECRET - Spread 3 (Hi-resolution)
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