For these ten masterly retellings, entrancing and gloriously funny by turns, Robert Leeson has selected a feast of tales that give a rich flavour of the Thousand and One Nights.


The collection ranges from well-loved tales of treasure, magical power and quick wits (Aladdin, The Fisherman and the Jinni, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves) to hilarious romps (The Woman with Five Suitors, The Story of the Hunchback, The Sleeper and the Waker); it includes a magical romance (The Ebony Horse), and also a scattering of spiced sweetmeats (The Dream, The Donkey).


Christina Balit's splendidly decorative illustrations together with a glossary and sources, create a classic that will enthral readers young and old.

MY SISTER SHEHEREZAD - men in cuboard
MY SISTER SHEHEREZAD - leads man by rope (Hi-resol

'...a classic collection of stunningly depicted tales from the Arabian Nights'


The Voice, 17th December 2001



'Robert Leeson has retold 10 tales containing magic, humour and farce from the One Thousand and One Nights...'


Children's Bookseller, 31st August 2001



'The retellings are beautifully judged, at times heart-rending, at times comic, always dignified.'


School Librarian, Spring 2002