KINGDOM OF THE SUN - Calender image (Hi-resolution
KINGDOM OF THE SUN - Sun original art

KINGDOM OF THE SUN and later re-issued as THE PLANET GODS by Jacqueline Mitton and illustrated by Christina Balit.  Published 2001 by Francis Lincoln Publishers.


“This was a book I’m delighted to say that had several lives – as a book, as a calendar and then as the inspiration for a music album by the band Troika where the songs were all based upon the paintings.  I was then commissioned to paint further artwork when 2 new planets were discovered next to Pluto and the book was re-launched as THE PLANET GODS.”

KINGDOM OF THE SUN - Mercury (Hi-resolution)
KINGDOM OF THE SUN - SATURN original painting (Hi-

“An imaginative tour-de-force, visually and linguistically…..Christina Balit’s luminous and highly dramatic illustrations will be poured over again and again.”


Times Educational Supplement




“A stunning book for newly confident readers to dip into and enjoy.”




“Dazzling, gold foil-blocked illustrations.”

Financial Times

KINGDOM OF THE SUN - Uranus original art