TWELVE LABOURS OF HERCULES - Atlas (Hi-resolution)

The Twelve Labours of Hercules

by James Riordan and illustrated by Christina Balit

Published by Francis Lincoln 1997




“Everyone has heard of Hercules - but few can name the feats of strength that made him the greatest of mortal men. Now, James Riordan's bold retellings of the ancient Greek legends re-create the labours of Zeus' much-loved son and mythology's mightiest hero. Christina Balit's powerful illustrations, which include a map showing the sites of Hercules' twelve labours, combine with James Riordan's retellings to create a heroic anthology that children will reach for again and again.”

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“The Twelve Labours of Hercules is one of the most powerful picture books of the decade:  heroic illustrations by Christina Balit and Riordan’s assured text will continue to feed the imagination of six to 10- year olds long after the Disney toys have sunk to the bottom of the toy box!”


The Sunday Telegraph



“Christina Balit’s illustrations are wonderfully bold.  Action is frozen in the midst of motion.  Colours snake across pages, glowing or chill as needed.  The use of red is striking!”


School Librarian


“Re-tellings of Greek and Roman myths are in plentiful supply – but there will always be room for one more if it is as strikingly executed in word and illustration as this one.”


“Exquisite illustrations by Christina Balit”


Buyers Guide