By Donna Jo Napoli and illustrated by Christina Balit.  Published 2013 by National Geographic Society


METHOD – 70 paintings hand-painted with water-colour, soluble watercolour pencils, gouache and gold ink.



“The God Ra sprang to life with a word already in his mouth.  More bubble up.  Words now crowded his mouth.  They trampled his tongue and pushed against his teeth, his lips.  He had so many words to enunciate.  The need hammered at him.  From that very need came lungs and a voice box and muscles to make it all move…..”

“Balit’s captivating illustrations mimic the decorative art styles of ancient Egyptians, with manicured lines, prominent use of gold, and detailed patterns. Napoli’s gripping and candid prose informs while offering the immediacy of a contemporary fantasy novel: These mythological beings emerge as fully formed characters through equally powerful storytelling and images.”


Publisher’s Weekly - 2013



“Balit's glowing illustrations combine the flat, frontal style of ancient tomb paintings with flowing, graceful shapes. Text pages are adorned with patterned borders, textured margins, and scattered stylized stars in gold. These effects, combined with stiff paper and a color palette drawn from semiprecious stones and metals, lend the book a weighty, sacramental quality”


School Library Journal - 2013



“Depicted in a flat, art-deco style but reminiscent of Leo and Diane Dillon's figures in gravitas and richness of color and detail, deities and earthly creatures lend visual dimension to the mystical, larger-than-life grandeur of the stories as well as reflecting their more human griefs, jealousies and joys. Reinforcing a sense of otherness,  Sumptuous of format, magisterial of content, stimulating for heart and mind both. “


Kirkus Review

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